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Total Body Detox Diet Tips and Secrets

Before anyone makes the decision to become a vegetarian, they often question whether it will make any difference. It is surprising how many people are willing to do this but cannot grasp just how important even one person who changes is in the overall picture. Regardless of any other aspects, the benefits to your health will be immense – mainly because a vegetarian diet is a very healthy detox diet.

While it might be true that one extra person won't make a huge statistical difference in a world of meat-eaters, you can do a lot as an individual that will be good for you and good for hundreds of animals. This is especially true if you look at Americans who eat meat – and most of us are in desperate need of a total body detox - and the percentage of those that will suffer from heart disease at some point in their lives.

Many of today's heart conditions would not be so commonplace if people did not eat so much food with high levels of cholesterol, such as dairy products and eggs – with this type of diet you should seriously consider to detox your body every couple of months to eliminate the build up of toxins from every day foods we eat.

The figures speak for themselves when a person who eats meat is four times as likely to suffer a heart attack as someone who is a vegetarian. As for people who are pure vegans, it gets even lower: they have less than 1/10 the chance of having a heart and live on a natural detox diet. A healthy heart is not the only ‘health benefit' to becoming a vegetarian as there are other reasons too.

Meat contains a number of preservatives which have links with cancer, something which is dramatically reduced when you do not eat meat - and the main reason you need to follow a regular detox diet if you do. As a vegetarian you won't be exposed to various hormones (that are packed into animal feed), which often disrupt normal hormonal processes in the body. And you won't consume as much lactose, which most people cannot digest properly and which some dietitians have suggested is a cause of digestive problems. You will also have the knowledge that by becoming a vegetarian many animals will not suffer as a result of your food preferences as well as the now obvious health advantages.

Other natural detox benefits of becoming a vegetarian include benefits like:

healthy detox diet
consuming natural detox products
fruits and veggies make great detox drinks
a vegetarian diet is a healthy way to detox your body

One particular study illustrates this point by claiming that the average American is responsible for the death (for food) of over two thousand seven hundred animals during their life. Just in a couple of decades, many hundreds of animals would not need to loose their lives if you were to make this commitment.

To help even further and stop the number of battery hens and dairy cows from having to suffer degrading conditions you could stop drinking milk and eating eggs. After the information you have read here it would be difficult to say no to becoming a vegetarian wouldn't it - not only that but you would be consuming a natural detoxification diet all the time? The reduction in animal life lost and the improvement in your health should be convincing enough.